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We hope you enjoy our discussions on pet toys that are just fun for our furry and feathered friends.  While fun is a primary criteria for any toy, we may at times venture into what might be considered ‘not so fun’ as in a subject like training.  But fun can be used as the motivator in subjects like that, so while we can make the occasional slight detour we can always come back to the fun.

About Pete

I have had pets for almost all of my life, either dogs or cats and usually both. I never really thought of myself as an animal person until I met my wife who is most definitely an animal person. From the first days we were together we have always been a multiple pet family and I discovered that, yes, I indeed am an animal person. My mind and heart changes in demeanor just about anytime I see an animal. OK, I am partial to dogs, but truth be told any animal can do that for me.

We recently brought 2 new pups into our family and I have come to see how they love toys but they get a special kick out of the ones that make noise.  I’ve found that not only does it give them an added feature for the toy but you can see their personality a little more, or differently, when they play with a toy that makes a sound.

Why a Silly Site like this?

Because of the bond we have with our pets and the joy we see in them and the added joy of playing with a toy that has that certain little extra sound or bounce or twirl. We’d love to share our experiences and hear of others.

Let’s Talk Pet Toys

Our site is intended as a place to share experiences and ideas in using Pet Toys.

What have you, or your pet, found to be the most enjoyable pet toy?  The Squeakers? The Honkers?  The Wheezers?  The Whistlers? The Pullers/Tuggers? The Bouncers? How does your pet respond to these toys, what is the benefit for you and/or your pet?

Of course not all pet toys are “agreeable” to the owner, or the pet, and we certainly want to discuss those as well.

We hope this site gives you ideas and suggestions that will enhance you and your pets relationship.

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